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SHWETA TIWARI in Neel Meghpushp Kanjeevaram Saree

SHWETA TIWARI in Neel Meghpushp Kanjeevaram Saree

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The nicest thing about the dark thunderstorms is that they stop eventually and a new ray of hope emerges with the sunrise! So, after the rains the sun will reappear, after the pain, joy will still be here! An accomplished, calm and intellectual woman infallibly brings with herself a charm and exuberance that lights up the eyes and hearts around her. She has the knowledge and the courage to go out there and win the world by doing epic things and taking great decisions in full awareness.

Dhhaagey Neel Meghpushp Kanjivaram Saree embellished by popular and Notable Television Actress Shweta Tiwari is a Saree adorned with vibrant and confident turquoise blue colour which is just above perfect for slaying at various Indian Celebrations and Festivities. A Saree that can be a part of important Corporate Meeting, Business Meetings, Sister’s Shadi, and many more integral occasions. Designed and embellished with beautiful cultural and ancient motifs, it is a statement within itself.

At Dhhaagey, we aim to connect you with some of the richest of sarees enrobed by renowned TV & film celebrities. Our goal is to make you feel as if the luxury of vintage handmade voluminous sarees is in your wardrobe. We say it confidently, wearing a Dhhaagey saree will infuse your confidence with more beauty and enrichment.



Silk is a very valuable natural protein fiber that we get from nature and used in the textile industry. The proteins are one of the natural polymers and biodegradable and they have reactive functional groups. Silk fibers are soft, long, and thin. They are known for their luster, absorbency, strength, and wrinkle resistance. However, there are some downfalls of natural silk. It is weakened by sweat, bleach, body oils, perfumes, and sunlight. It is sometimes mixed with other fabrics to make our blended silk. 

Silk and blended silk are very similar in strength, texture, and appearance. Blended silk is seen as a cheaper alternative that is more durable due to its mixed fabric. The blended fabric increases antimicrobial properties with UV protection. Mixed silk sarees can be used as a great alternative. For those people who want silk’s appearance and feel, but want something stronger and more durable.

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Care Instructions

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt 
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes 
3. Medium iron

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