Welcome to  DHHAAGEY! India’s first ever dedicated online shopping mall for celebrity style silk sarees. 

Initiated in 2022, DHHAAGEY is as an e-commerce platform where you can shop for all kinds of celebrity style sarees online and have them delivered right on your doorstep. 

 DHHAAGEY had first started out as a response initiative to endless requests to bring our collection online.  Since we only dealt with wholesalers, we were overwhelmed with the love we were getting online and that too, across India. So, we decided to make our collection available to the public as directly as possible.

Our Celebrity Culture

We were inspired by people's fascination towards celebrity saree looks. The way Bollywood enthralls us is really amazing to witness. Naturally so, we wanted to replicate its magic. 

 We wanted everyone to feel as if the greatest Bollywood sarees were just one-click away. And guess what? Now they really are! 

 We collaborated with prominent Bollywood celebrities and launched our 'Diva Collection Sarees' featuring the Bollywood Diva; Parineeti Chopra, Silver Screen Queen; Shweta Tiwari , the iconic Shefali Jariwala and the Marathi Megastars; Amruta Khanvilkar & Sonalee Kulkarni

 We take our claim to be dedicated maker of Bollywood worthy sarees seriously. That is why, we only release those collections that first get vouched by such fashion icons. That way, we know you get only the best of the best.

Our Story

Our story started in 2022 when our love for the Indian culture and its sarees manifested in the form of DHHAAGEY. What had started out as a simple e-Commerce platform is now a rapidly growing startup with a bright future ahead.

Indian sarees are one of the World's most colourful and vibrant clothes. It is an inseparable part of our culture. However, over the years, the once famous Indian saree culture has declined. The old ways of doing business are replaced by technologically-laden business strategies. Slacks, stilettos and sleeveless gowns are replacing Sarees at an alarming rate and as time passes, the true spirit of Indian Saree Culture is being consigned to oblivion.

While it's true that every culture goes through a change once in a few years, this transition is going to cost our culture more than we know. So, we decided to do something about it.

This is how DHHAAGEY came into being. DHHAAGEY is where we take our finest collection of traditional sarees, made by our expert artisans and launch it into the digital world. Every design, motif, pattern and weave of our every saree is a homage to the age-old Indian Saree Culture.

We hope that once you experience DHHAAGEY, you will have a newfound admiration for Indian Sarees. Happy Shopping!