Top 7 Dhhaagey Sarees for Diwali 2022 for Indian Women

The Greatest Indian Festival of all time - Diwali is just around the corner and Indian women can’t get enough excited. 

It’s a time when mothers wait for their beloved daughters to return home from a long year of work, where wives plan to visit her house for a vacation after working in cities, and homemakers plan to visit their mother’s house with gifts like Dhhaagey Luxury wear traditional sarees!

The celebration of Diwali is viewed as the final triumph of good over evil. It is believed that illuminating diyas and lamps will chase away the shadows and lead us to a future filled with hope and brightness. People like gathering with their loved ones to commemorate this important event.

People light diyas and line them up in rows along the railings of temples and houses to celebrate. Later, they are dumped into streams and rivers. The flooring of the house is decorated with lovely rangoli patterns that are frequently constructed of flower petals, coloured rice, and sand. 

In the hopes that Lakshmi will come and bestow wealth and success onto the community, doors and windows are left unlocked. After sunset, devotees worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi according to the Hindu calendar. 

Gifts are then exchanged, and everyone wishes one another and other people happiness and prosperity after that.

We, at Dhhaagey Sarees, believe that a Laxmi is residing in every woman and henceforth, we present 7 unique, Elegant, Luxurious and ahead-of-its-time Dhhaagey Sarees for the women of India to celebrate Diwali 2022 extraordinarily.


1) SONALEE KULKARNI in Wilson Rani Kanjivaram Saree

Wilson Rani Saree is our homage to the beautiful sunrise one experiences from the famous Wilson Point in Mahabaleshwar. Just like this enigmatic saree, the exquisite shades of orange, pink and yellow bring the resplendence of the Wilson sunrise right to your wardrobe. 

This saree consists of shades of orange and magenta with motifs of Rudraksham and Palmyra. The Palmyra pattern forms when the thick stalk of the leaf is cut into strips and used to weave baskets from this tree. 

What else could have possibly enhanced its beauty? Well, when Sonalee Kulkarni, the Queen of Marathi Cinema, carries the Wilson Rani, that's when.

For the Diwali 2022 Laxmi Pooja, the Dhhaagey Sonalee Kulkarni Wilson Rani Kanjivaram Saree is the ideal choice. It will make you more stunning, stand out, and feel more self-confident.

2) PARINEETI CHOPRA in Shwet Apsara Soft Silk Saree

A colour that solely represents positivity, peace, purity and innocence, accentuates an attire and is Blushed, Pinkish White. 

This saree can encourage vibrance and excellence in a woman’s life. While it is illuminating, it also brings in the shine that is required for a festive saree.

Styled and adorned by the gorgeous and popular Indian Actress, Parineeti Chopra, our Shwet Apsara Saree is a blend of femininity and shimmer. 

A perfect saree for the women of the 21st century! The simplicity and its well-balanced shimmer are its greatest highlights.

For the Diwali 2022 Roop Chaudas, the Dhhaagey Parineeti Chopra in Shwet Apsara Soft Silk Saree is the ideal choice. 

The Saree gives an illuminating festive vibe and will light up your face on Roop Chaudas. It’s perfect for this occasion as it is the day of God Krishna who helped Satyabhama, the goddess who triumphed against evil.


3) SHWETA TIWARI in Sindoori Hempushp Kanjeevaram Saree


“Bring me a smitch of vermillion hue which the sun wears during sunset, for I desire to tell the world, a pinch of it in my maang, won’t be able to suppress my desire to fly, rise and dream!” 

Sindoor is an important ornament for a woman to show her endless, unbiased love for their husband, it’s a prayer from her for her husband’s long life.

Dhhaagey's Sindoori Hempushp Kanjivaram Saree enrobed by popular and notable television Actress Shweta Tiwari is adorned with the red vermillion colour and the hue of deep brown coffee colour. 

This makes it a perfect saree for the modern-day woman with ambitions, who wants to create and embrace the world.

For the Diwali 2022 Bhai Dooj, the Dhhaagey Shweta Tiwari Sindoori Hempushp Kanjeevaram Saree is the ideal choice. It will make you feel beautiful from the inside and its sophisticated look is perfect to click some memorable pictures with your brother and family.


4)SHEFALI JARIWALA in Hiravya Apsara Kanjivaram Saree


Like a strong green banyan tree, a real woman stands tall and proud, remembers her roots, stays content with her natural beauty, and always enjoys the moment she is in. 

Dhhaagey's Hiravya Apsara Kanjivaram Saree is a shimmery gold saree with green tones and hues that elevates your look royally. Green is a colour of Abundance, Royalness, and Contentment.

Enrobed by well-known Actress & Model Shefali Jariwala, Dhhaagey Hiravya Apsara Kanjivaram Saree comes with a body that possesses leaf green colour, has the motif of Majestic Mayil with Kodi Visri, Kuyilkann and Mayilkann, Vanki Motif, Floral Butta and the Border with Manga Motif.

For the Diwali 2022 Govardhan Pooja, the Dhhaagey Shefali Jariwala Hiravya Apsara Kanjivaram Saree is the ideal choice. On this Day, God Krishna is worshipped and remembered for lifting the green, lush Govardhan Parvat to save the villagers from heavy rains. 


5) AMRUTA KHANVILKAR in Shyaam Taarini Kanjivaram Paithani Saree


There’s a saying “be who God meant you to be and you will set the whole world on fire.” We, at Dhhaagey, believe that sarees are also meant to do the same in our lives. 

Dhhaagey's Sienna Mrunal Kanjivaram Paithani Saree is one such charming creation. Like the flower of Red Lotus, which struggles through the mud to blossom, this saree has blossomed out of a time-taking process.

Well-known Actor & Celebrity Amruta Khanvilkar is slaying this saree royally! Embedded with the multi-colour Kodi Visri Border with the Peacock Motifs. And the body lit up with the Vansingharam Motif. 

The intricate use of Paithani Motifs in the borders and pallu makes it special. The off-white colour gives it a rich, royal, densely illuminating touch.

For the Diwali 2022 Chhoti Diwali, the Dhhaagey Amruta Khanvilkar Shyaam Taarini Kanjivaram Paithani Saree is the ideal choice. It’s the Perfect attire while lighting up Diyas, decorating your house and meeting your relatives to enjoy the sweets and savouries.


6) SHWETA TIWARI in Suvarn Ratnagiri Kanjivaram Saree


A saree passed from generation to generation is more valuable than anything else in this world as it carries with itself the Ancestral Blessings and the ancestors' memories.

Our Suvarn Ratnagiri Kanjivaram Saree, beautifully draped by one of the most popular Television Actress Shweta Tiwari is one such saree that can be passed from generation to generation. 

The dense mango yellow will steal the heart of the beholder. The elegance that this saree leaves behind is beyond imagination! It can instantly revive an ageless beauty on the face of the wearer. Designed and embellished with beautiful cultural and ancient motifs.

For the Diwali 2022 Family Get-togethers, the Dhhaagey Shweta Tiwari Suvarn Ratnagiri Kanjivaram Saree is the ideal choice. The truly adorable and bright yellow colour of the saree brings with it a wave of happiness, abundance and growth making it perfect for family get-togethers.


7) SONALEE KULKARNI in Svarnim Panchratna Paithani Saree


It is a fact that the finest gold never requires to be pampered or polished. The same gold standard applies to our 'Svarnim Panchratna' Saree. Adorned with eight strands and full-scape variations of lotus designs found on the ceilings of Ajanta.

The Panchratna portrays the importance of five major Ratna’s in the history of India. Actress Sonalee Kulkarni plays a phenomenal role in making this saree look straight out of a Gold mine, with colours and designs, similar to that of the Ratnas. 

The borders are also elongated with Muniya Motifs that enhance the saree's gold background. It feels even more luxurious with royal colours like Magenta, Red, Green, and Indigo.

For the Diwali 2022 Dhanteras Pooja, the Dhhaagey Sonalee Kulkarni Svarnim Panchratna Paithani Saree is the ideal choice. It will bring you the blessings of God Veeravati and help you prosper in life.

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