The Legend Of Princess Niloufer Farhat: The Kohinoor of Hyderabad

The Legend Of Princess Niloufer Farhat: The Kohinoor of Hyderabad


Princess Begum Sahiba Niloufer Khanum Sultana Farhat of Hyderabad full body image posing in a royalesque saree

Sarees are a representation of our culture and tradition, and each one is weaved with the feelings, identity, and voice of the weaver in addition to our stories and thoughts. Indian women belonging to royal families celebrate for their sartorial sensibilities as they do for their social graces

The saree today is a reflection of the wearer's personality and sense of style. Women are experimenting with their drapes instead of just hanging them in a conventional manner. Fashion can be a powerful form of self-expression and can be used to make a statement or convey a message which was done by The legend Princess Niloufer Farhat. 

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Kohinoor of Hyderabad

princess niloufar farhet portrait image

Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad also known as "Kohinoor of Hyderabad," a reference to the famous diamond, because of her beauty and elegance and as her fine fashion choices were influenced by her travels and lifestyle. She belongs to the royal family. 

Fashion trends and styles can sometimes reflect social or political values or issues, and people may use fashion as a way to express their own personal beliefs or values. She was one of the first women to westernise the Indian saree and had it designed by Frenchman Fernande Cicire, and then embroidered by Indian craftsmen. She embraced both cultures in her wardrobe.

The princess learnt to drape a saree when she got married to Prince Moazzam Jah, son of the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1931, and was always seen in a saree even when overseas. She was undoubtedly the queen of beauty and was one of the top ten beautiful women in the world of her time.

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Saree speaks - A revolution

princess niloufar farhet in beige saree posing candidly and with grace

It is not uncommon for cultural legends and historical figures to continue to influence and inspire people in the present day. The Kohinoor of Hyderabad - Princess Niloufer Farhat, a powerful and influential queen is no exception. The Legend Of Princess Niloufer Farhat was known for her fashion sense and style, and she played a significant role in bringing about a change in Indian fashion through her lifestyle choices

Women want to try out any craze that is now popular because of this non-traditional era. Does that imply that the gorgeous saree, which made up the popular women's clothing of the past, is no longer in style? For sure not. In fact, this arrangement is advantageous for everyone because it satisfies the conventional idea of combining tradition and innovation.

We are all aware that Indian attire makes you look elegant and beautiful. Wrapping up in a saree, in particular, is an exclusive trend for many of us. 

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Change that makes you trendy

princess niloufar farhet the kohinoor of hyderabad portrait image

Princess Niloufer's unwavering beauty, kind heart, and impeccable sense of style contributed to her popularity. Despite being born in Istanbul and raised in France, she made the Indian saree her own with ease, which won the people of India over to her. As one of the first people to meld Eastern and Western cultures, Niloufer's conception of the design was so distinctively her own that she was able to westernise the Indian saree. Niloufer is also credited with adding Parisian grace to the Indian sarees.

Niloufer likes to embellish her tissue, silk sarees with elaborate stitching and paillettes motifs. Indians frequently favoured earthy, vibrant colours, but the princess opted for pastel hues with stunning embellishments to give her sarees a western flair.


The Kohinoor Of Hyderabad - A Global Beauty

The princess assumed many guises, including fashionista, socialite, and philanthropist. She was one of the most stunning women of her era.

In the 1930s to 1950s, Princess Niloufer's immaculate beauty was still adored by the populace, and owing to the way she wore her sarees, she became a true fashion symbol.

Niloufer has a reputation as a leader in the advancement of women. Her attractiveness and active public life were covered in the media as she popularly highlighted the unique sarees made by her. She was ranked among the top ten most attractive women in the world

She was featured wearing several of her unique sarees for Vogue magazine. Her fashion quickly rose to great fame and is still on exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York 

Conclusion :

The "Kohinoor of Hyderabad," Princess Niloufer Farhat Begum, was one of the most stunning women in the entire world. Generations of women and fashion enthusiasts have been inspired by Niloufer's liberal outlook, forward-thinking ideas, and unwavering excitement to the point where fashion designers from all over the world have created collections and patterns in her honour.

The most important thing is that, up until the very end, Niloufer inspired women to defy social norms by following their hearts and living for themselves, no matter where life led them.

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